• BaTCC
1111Nauris Agafonovs
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris LAT403625--101
212Mareks Matvejevs
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris LAT43050--93
384Arturs Danilevskis
Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206 LAT282727--82
425Daniels Ungurs
Honda Civic
Honda Civic LAT0500--50
518Roberts Ozolins
Honda Civic
Honda Civic LAT01236--48
623Kristers Salins
Renault Clio
Renault Clio LAT121420--46
727Andris Misins
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris LAT22120--34
83Arturs Locs
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris LAT2700--27
917Andris Lielgalvis
Honda Civic
Honda Civic LAT10160--26
106Sandis Laube
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris LAT12112--25
118Thiago Carvalho
Toyota Yaris
Toyota YarisBRA0250--25
1260Karlis Skirmanis
Peugeot 106
Peugeot 106 LAT6312--21
1388Ivars Vinkalns
Honda Civic
Honda Civic LAT0014--14
1496Aleksandrs Pociluiko
Honda Civic
Honda Civic LAT060--6

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