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Bikernieki racetrack I RIGA, LATVIA 

Largest race track complex of its kind in the Baltics since 1966 for motorcycles, cars and go-carts. Also has a motoball stadium and speedway.

Since 2011, the Biķernieki track is owned by CSDD (Road Traffic Safety Directorate) and there have been multiple positive changes to it in the last years. The speedway track and its grandstands have been restored, the race control building has been reconstructed, the main straight and first corners have been repaved, the kerbs have been changed and the track infrastructure has been improved.


  • Length: 3662 m
  • Max width: 16 m
  • Min width: 10 m
  • 100% Asphalt pavement
  • Max number of cars on the track: 38

Racing technique and the driver must be fully equipped, according to LAF approved safety rules.



The only special Lithuanian racing circuit for cars and motorcycles “Nemunas Ring” of the Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania has been calling racers to the sport events of cars and motorcycles for more than 50 years already.


  • More than 60 events are held every year
  • Max. spectators:  20.000
  • Total area of the complex: 74 ha
  • Length of the racing circuit: 3350 m.


“Nemunas Ring” is located in the strategically convenient place by the second largest Lithuanian city, Kaunas. It is within 17 km distance from Kaunas, which can offer numerous eating and accommodation places. It is within 32 km distance from International Karmėlava Airport.


auto24ring I PARNU, ESTONIA 

auto24ring is the only road racing circuit exclusively used for car and motorcycle racing in Estonia. The complex was reconstructed in 2012 and now competitions can be held on four different race tracks, in terms of length and shape of the track, the longest of which is 3.2 kilometres. auto24ring is the only racing circuit in the Baltics that have FIA Grade 4 licence.

Since autumn 2012 auto24ring is the only road racing circuit in Estonia that is fully renovated and meets FIA Grade 3 requirements. It is also one of the newest racing complexes in the entire Northern Europe. In total 4.8 million Euros were invested to the asphalt surface and renewed configuration.

Estonia enjoys a long tradition of motor sports. The first competitions were held here in the 1930s, but it wasn’t until the late 1950s that the sport gained true popularity, when the first ‘Estonia’ Formula One cars were produced in Tallinn.


auto24ring is just off the Pärnu-Lihula road in Audru municipality, not far from Pärnu itself. (Its geographical coordinates are 58°24’22” N, 24°27’8” E.) The circuit is easily accessed from any of three directions, and the completion of the northern section of the Pärnu ring road will improve access even further. Pärnu Airport is located right next to the circuit.

The following are the distances between auto24ring and some local and neighbouring towns and cities:

  • Pärnu 8 km
  • Paldiski 127 km
  • Tallinn 128 km
  • Riga (Latvia) 188 km
  • Helsinki (Finland) 213 km (including the 82 km ferry crossing)
  • Narva 305 km




Ahvenisto Race Circuit is a motor racing circuit located in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The construction of the racing track was finished on July 15, 1967. Its elevation changes, short or sometimes inexistent run-off areas, and numerous fast bends have led to some to suggest that it is the hardest and most dangerous race track in Finland, or even one of the most challenging in the world.


  • Driving direction: clockwise
  • Length 2840 m
  • The main straight length: 280 m
  • Track width: 9-17 m
  • Elevation: 32m




The Alastaro Circuit is a racing circuit situated in Virttaa village in Loimaa, Finland. The circuit is named after former municipality of Finland. It was merged to town of Loimaa in 2009. Due to central location it is a popular test and race circuit for all kinds of motorsport activity. Located along excellent passages from major cities of southern Finland. Alastaro Circuit is located only 160km from Helsinki, 65km from Turku, 95km from Tampere and 90km from Pori. Circuit is 3000 metres of length and it has wide safety areas even for truck tests. Service areas are measured for 300 teams. Acceleration straight includes own service ares. Parking space for thousands of cars.

They have their own rally cross track and possibility to build rallysprint and rallycross tracks by the needs of customers.

Alastaro Circuit offers best possibilities to practice for surprise moments in traffic. In the vicinity of Circuit there are wide skiing and hiking trails which are in usage for all-around year. There’s also a holiday area available to build holiday houses.


  • Run: clockwise
  • Length: 2721 m
  • Length of folkrace track: 1800 m
  • Width: 12–15 m



Mantorp park I MANTOPR, SWEDEN

Mantorp Park is a motor racing circuit near the town of Mantorp in Mjölby Municipality, Sweden. The circuit was built in 1969 and has been one of the leading motor pathways. The main noticeable are the public events, but the activity going on almost every day during the summer months. Much of the daily business is about driver training. Mantorp Park really has a bit of everything – long straights, fast and slow corners.


  • Lenght: 3125 m

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