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Short sneak peak into tomorrow: what to expect?

What a day Today! We surely had everything and even more than we could ask for: day started with a huge rain, forcing to cancel the practice sessions because of the standing water on the track. When everything seemed too complicated, sun did its job and now we can be laid back after full package of pre-racing!

Did we have penalties and fines? Of course we did, and some of the great time laps were annulled. Did we have accidents? Oh yeah – small ones, big ones, and mainly, very expensive ones, too.

Some collisions in between of the participants had quite an impact, as only one lap driven had to be the best time shown: V1600, BTC, BGT classes, all of them had to choose the best time for determination of the position by choosing from far away of the pace shown. The worst evening was for „Mercedes-Benz GT3 EVO“ team, as driver Karolis Stasiukynas crashed it during the first lap of the qualifying. It seams that they will need to start from the end of the grid.

And such a hot session of BMW’s 325! No chance to avoid accidents there, some reports some ‘sorry’ and new leaders for tomorrow’s races are cleared. Not so much surprises here: Matiss Malinovskis will take a Pole position, having leader of the season Ricards Subeckis right behind him.

Among BTC’s classes and the most beautiful beasts on track, no doubt here – Arturs Batraks will start from the pole position, followed by Egidijus Gražys with Porsche and Tautvydas Rudokas.

In BTC1, the best seat takin by Kairo Kallas, followed by season leader Simo Lind and full pack of Lithuanians. Great race ahead!
V1600 among those unlucky ones: qualifying session ended too soon. Nevertheless, the starting grid was cleared and the Pole position taken by Ragnar Simuland, next to him -Viesturs Ozols, followed by Raivis Meilands.

What is more, practice of “Kalana” was really successful! Track got dry, weather conditions – amazing and motivated Estonian team with Toni Vanaselja behind the wheel already made an attempt towards the track record!

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