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BaTCC announcement about Parnu Race

Dear all,

We don’t like to make major changes at the last minute, but at this time and perspective we just see no other options, the amount of participants has lowered in every class, but the costs remain the same or go up as you all well know. We just can’t afford to keep the timetable up as it is now and we have cut a lot of expenses already, including TV broadcast, video reviews, some of the staff and other costs. To keep the series running and not to cancel the event, we have put all the sessions in 2 days – Friday and Saturday, see the timetable of this moment attached. Sorry for the inconvenience and the trouble, we know a lot of you have made some bookings already and we hope it won’t be much trouble to rebook them. Some changes may still occur on it, but the day split will be the same.
The BEC 4H race is cancelled. Participants are more than welcome to join sprint races or NeA 2h races according to the tech rules. Sorry about that, but not much fun would be out of 5 cars we see now.
Pit boxes are available for reservation from us, please send your wisher for rent. 300 eur per box/ 2 spots. Arrival on track and settling in pit boxes will be available from Thursday evening. Time TBA later.
Testing sessions are changed as well, new timetable Friday tests will be 5×20 minutes, 150 EUR. Those who are already invoiced and paid for previous Thursday tests, option to transfer the difference to Riga, or can ask for payback. Those who have not paid, invoices will be readjusted.
Thanks for understanding,

best wishes

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