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Parnu 4h Endurance race victory goes to Juta Racing, in 2h Endurance to Anjese by Dream 2 Drive!

Sunday was an eventful day for the Baltic Touring Car Championship paddock, when the turn for the toughest was to enter the track and show their skill.


Although the weather forecast predicted mixes conditions, the main event of the day, the Baltic 4h Endurance championship from start to finish was in dry conditions but that did not reduce the excitement at all.


The pole position was won by one of the GT3 cars – the first team of Juta Racing, ahead of second teams car and the first of Porsches – the Relaa Racing with pilots Matias Salonen and Miika Panu. GT AM class first position was taken by Dream 2 Drive, Diesel by Special Stage Motorsport, TC3 by ALM Motorsport and TC2 by Orlen Lietuva – Mazeikiu ASK.


The new race format for 4h was unpredictable and open for everyone to prevail. The Juta Racing 72 team driven by Karolis Jovaisa in the first stint built up good lead over Hmobile by AMG Customer Racing which managed to overtake opponents of Juta Racing 71 and Relaa Racing. The battle raged on for many stints and pitstops across all the classes, until the full course yellow emerged when huge crash on the track happened.


The last half an hour saw great battles right until the finish line. The chequered flag and the first position went to Juta Racing 72 team, with Hmobile by AMG Customer Racing one lap behind, and the third place went to friends from Finland and winners of Porsche GT3 CUP class – Relaa racing. TC3 class was won by Albe Alliance Racing team, followed by LV Racing and by DMK Racing Team.


Diesel class crown went to Dvaras Racing in front of seasoned veterans Anteja Racing Team and Special Stage Motorsport, while TC2 class was won by home team Neomatic by Krauman Motors ahead of Vineda Racing and Meister Racing Team & LGT.


The Nankang 2h endurance had a great 28 team entry field with cars for every taste. The Qualifying sessions went to Anjese by Dream2 Drive with Aurimas Mistautas by the wheel ahead of Hemi Racing by Statomenas. The Anjese D2D team held the lead for the first laps, until were overtaken by Albe Alliance Racing team’s  Cupra Leon, which charged from the back of the grid. At the end of the race Albe Alliance Racing team experienced some technical diificulties which were used by Anjese D2D that overtook and took the first place in BTC4 class and in the overall standings. Third place went to Hemi by Statomenas. Reinup Motorsport won the BTC3 class ahead of Diesel Power and RS Racing Team. BTC2 – the current standings leaders Race.Attack, followed by Alko Budyss Poland edition and Autokaslita, while proper battle ensued for BTC1 victory where Lenktyniu inzinerija prevailed, beating MKM Racing and ACAP Racing.


The great battle was witnessed in BMW 325 CUP class 2h endurance, where sprint like pace was shown. EST1 Racing 99 with Alex Reimann at the wheel lead for 64 laps, until technical problems forced the team to retire, and that ensured a deserved victory to another crew of the EST1 Racing with Romet Reisin by the wheel, beating Dream 2 Drive and KTK Racing.- by one lap.


V1600 victory goes to LDV Racing, while ABC Race class was won by Zabaki Racing.


See you next time in Riga – Riga Grand Finals from Septembr 22-24 in Riga.

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