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Sunday of the “Parnu Summer Race”- calmness after a heatwave

Alright, have to agree, it wasn’t totally cool and calm, however, Sunday past much easier (and less expensive to the racers) crash wise, comparing it to two previous days. Nevertheless, it was still interesting, long waited and full of surprises. Not even mentioning the long grid of “Nankang Endurance Academy”! It seamed that the “Parnu Summer Race” was a real heatwave, leaving the Sunday races as a sweet treat after all the battles and crashes from Friday. Let’s try to look at all the races, one step at the time.

“ABC Race” – the bravest to start the Sundays fun

Well, as always, “ABC Race” series filled with fun, spins, pushes, touches, mistakes, overtakes and still… remaining fun as the main factor. 13 cars on a grid and each moment changing elements at the track, each corner and turn of it. Finally, after all the points were calculated, Edvins Vansovics managed to take the 1st place. Janis Hans was a ‘vice hero’ of the day, having Juris Jaunciems on the 3rd step of the podium. Turn back the livestream to check the races, it is really worth it!

Another series marked with spins, however, still very interesting as really different from others – “Formula Historic”. Nine cars on a grid and yet track full of action. The victory here in both races was taken by Taavi Kuul.

Finally, the long waited victory of Mantas Matukaitis in “BGT PRO”

Another gift to racing lovers – the combined races of “GT PRO”, “GT AM”, “BTC4” and “TCR” classes. So much eye-catching technique on the track at the same time! However, even though there is no overall in a common run, it was nice to watch battle in between Markus Jugala and Mantas Matukaitis, both sharing a win in the respective races.

And of course, Mantas Matukaitis and his Lamborghini, after few unhappy seasons, finally on the podium celebrating victory here, in “BGT PRO” class, keeping Markus Jugala in the 2nd place and Mika Makinen in the 3rd.
“TCR”! Ohh these two! Ivars Vallers was so concentrated before the 2nd run, so serious and there was a reason, for sure: to keep the leading chair as he took the 1st place during the race. Nevertheless, Lithuanian racer Kestutis Stasionis took the victory here, keeping the 1st place to himself.
“BGT AM” class was ruled by the newbie from Lithuania – Ignas Jomantas and his Maserati. Even though he made few strong mistakes, he managed to keep the 1st place. Drew Holland and his Ginetta took the 2nd place and Kastytis Volbekas took the 3rd. It seamed that he had some kind of technical issues, not allowing him to race in a full pace.
Jyrki Jonkkari – the fastest among “BTC4” participants, keeping Dave Holland and his fine looking car right behind him. Aivaras Remeika held the 3rd place this time.

“Nankang Endurance Academy” as a sweet treat

Always waited and each time interesting, the battles of the ‘NeA’! Of course, colored by mistakes, how without them? Those tiny elements just make this racing series even more interesting and attractive. The battles and fights for points in the championship have happened right until the final seconds of the race – just like always. Knowing how long the racing grid was, it makes it even more special and each victory – even more waited.

In “V1600” class, the 1st place was taken by “Fox Tail Racing” team, keeping “Degviela Motorsport II” in the 2nd position. “Jap Factory” took the victory among “ABC Race” participants, having their friends “Team Jap Factory” in the 2nd place and “LDV Racing Team” in the 3rd.
“DMK Racing Team” took the victory in “BTC1” class, keeping “MKM Racing” on the 2nd step of the podium.

The “BTC2” class was victorious to “Lind Racing” team, that managed to win against “Race.Attack” and “HOBU Racing” teams.

“RS Racing Team” took the 3rd place in “BTC3” class, having “EST1 Racing 73” on the 2nd step of the podium and “Diesel Power” winning the class.
Newbies “AROMAMA by Capkauskas Autocentras” took the victory in “BTC4” classification, keeping “ Alko Brothers Heavy Weight” in the 2nd place and “Joujaam” in the 3rd.

And the most popular and always crowded “BMW 325 Cup” class was victorious to Latvians “Jurmala/Papa’s saciksu komanda” having Estonians lady Carmen Kraav and “EST 1 Racing 19” in the 2nd place and “EST 1 Racing 99” in the 3rd place.

Differently from BEC, those guys still have to events left and next time everyone is invited to Kaunas, Lithuania! See you there!

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