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“Parnu Summer Race” Friday and Saturday marked with action

It might be the hot weather or the moon, but this time “Parnu Summer Race” has started with incredible accidents changing the schedule of the competition. The drama started during the practices on Friday, when Ramūnas Čapkauskas previous BMW has damaged the barriers of the track, forcing to stop all the action for one hour and a half. Later on, the sessions were resumed, however, it seemed that bad luck has moved towards NEZ Porsche Sprint Challenge participants, resulting red flag and canceled race after restart. Eventually, battles moved to Saturday, hoping easier day for both, participants and the track itself. However, this Saturday was an opposite of any expectations for Lithuanian racer Povilas Bonkevičius participating in “BMW 325 Cup” series, when after the collision of few competitors he had no space to retreat and had a serious rollover. And what about other races? Those went much calmer and easier, having few accidents, some technical issues and lots of great pace and victories.

BTC1/2/3, V1600 battles and intrigue

While in “V1600” everything went smoothly for the winners, keeping the victorious positions, in a both races the 3rd place was taken by Benjamin Sylvestersson, the 2nd place by Aapo Skaffari and on the highest step of the podium we saw Matias Nuoramo.

Quite Lithuanian podiums turned out in other “BTC” classes, and as always, pushing for the victory up until the very last moment. Aurimas Kučinskas was fighting with Deividas Sakalauskas for the 1st place in “BTC1” class and managed to keep it. Vidmantas Pociūnas was trying to win it over, however, he took the 3rd place.

In “BTC2”, Simo Lind had a bad Saturday morning and managed to keep only the points from the 1st run, this time holding only the 3rd place. Antti Jartsev took the 2nd place in here and Kairo Kallas was a guy of the day in this class.

The most of the drama, as always – in “BTC3” class, were both runs victory was taken by Izidorius Paukštys, keeping the season leader (few years in a row) Aurimas Mištautas behind. Another Lithuanian racer Robertas Zauka kept the 3rd place to himself.

“NEZ Porsche Sprint Challenge” the strongest racers

After multiple crashes on Friday, only the strongest racers managed to gather the points and to show up on a grid in Saturdays’ races. Nevertheless, even having minus few participants after ‘black’ Friday, Saturday’s game on the track was impressive to watch. Calmest among all of them was the leader of a season and all the races once again, Thomas Padovani. The 2nd place was taken by Jani Kakela, and the 3rd by Gert Jugala.
“BMW 325 Cup” drama

Oh gosh! As always, the tense among BMW’s in “BMW 325 Cup” series could be felt right from the first moments of qualifying, growing up until they show up on a grid and reaching the peak when the start moment is announced. Crashes, accidents, spins, turns, collisions and, this time, a rollover. 45 racers this time have registered for the event, making tough battles in both, qualifying and races.

Main battles happened between the season leaders’ Latvian Valters Zviedris, and Lithuanian racers Edvinas Žadeikis and Karolis Jovaiša. Edvinas managed to win the 1st race, however, Valters took the victory in the 2nd run and also overall, keeping Edvinas behind. Karolis Jovaiša took the 3rd place of the podium. Ramūnas Čapkauskas was the fastest among ‘Masters’, keeping Matiss Mezaks and Andris Cats behind. Carmen Kraav was the fastest in ‘Ladies’ group and Krisjanis Oskerko leading among ‘Rookies’.

Constant changes in “BEC 6H” from Q to Race

Qualifying session was successful to “Relaa Racing” taking the pole position. However, after the crash during “NEZ Porsche Sprint Challenge”, the pole position remain empty, was their car was too damaged to start. The 2nd place on the starting grid was taken by the season’s overall leaders “Porsche Baltic GT3” team with Nerijus Dagilis, Andrius Šlimas and Leonardas Diržys behind the wheel. As for the 3rd place, “ALM Motorsport” showed quite the pace and took it during qualifying. However, the race was less than successful, beginning with gear box issues and getting worse during the race.
Some other teams also did not have possibilities to show their abilities due to technical issues, among them – “Dvaras Racing” team, “Energizer Racing by Krauman Motors”, “Orlen Lietuva – Mazeikiu ASK”, “Autoralis” teams. However, they had another goal: to drive the needed amount of laps seeking to get the really important points of the championship.

After all 6 hours race, the victory in Overall and “Porsche GT3 Cup” class was taken by already mentioned season leaders “Porsche Baltic GT3”, maintaining the 1st place in the season, too. “Noker Racing team” took the 2nd place in Overall and the 1st among TCR cars. The 3rd place was taken by “TREVIO next level by Customs Brokers” team, holding the leading position in “GT AM” classification. “Porsche Baltic GT4” took the 2nd place in the same class, followed by “System KAN-Therm by Ringaudu servisas” team with BMW M2.

In “TCR” class, “NOKER Racing Team” was followed by “Black Rose Racing” from Finland, and “LV Racing” kept the 3rd place to themselves.
“Porsche Baltic GT3” team in “Porsche GT3 Cup” group, was followed by “Audosta by Ajus Group” team, nevertheless, even as they stopped on a track during the last laps of the race, managed to keep the 2nd place in the class.

In “TC2” class, the “Baltic Karting Academy” was a real leader and uncatchable team, as for the “Diesel” class, “Anteja Racing Team” managed to keep the 1st place, keeping “CUST LT Racing” in the 2nd position.

Only one round left in BEC 6H series season, meaning that this year we already know the champions. As for the other series and races, they moved to Sunday, keeping as interesting as the two previous days.

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