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During DeWALT GP – Unexpected Scenarios

The grand opening of the season was really worth the name! Beginning with double awards that were stuck due to covid, it actually gave quite a mood for all the weekend. Next to new titles of the champions, new faces were noticed competing for the first victories of this season. Therefore, battles were really solid, speed fans could see some great fighting for the really important seconds as well as some breath taking accidents or even rolls.

Victorious Saturday

Most of the “DeWALT GP” competitions took place on Saturday, keeping the day busy starting form an early morning. First cars on the grid – the guest title holding “NEZ Porsche Sprint Challenge” with 16 eye catching Porsche and a surprise driver in the front of the line. It was Kajus Šikšnelis, the 17 years old driver having his debut in car racing. However, he has already put his name into history after his incredible participation in world’s karting competitions. This time, it was his debut with a Porsche before quite long season in Europe. And, actually, his performance was amazing. He won the first run and kept his positions in the 2nd run, finally, taking the 2nd place in overall classification. What is more, now Kajus is an owner of the track record in “GT” class. Only really experienced Estonian racer Thomas Padovani managed to overtake him and to keep the 1st place, as Thomas Kangro kept the 3rd place to himself.

Oh, and what about the battles of BMWs! What a season opening! Both runs were stopped waving red flags. During the 1st run of the “BMW 325 Cup“ series, the race was stopped right after the moment when participants have reached the first turn and the massive accident happened. However, the 2nd run was suspended after quite an impressive roll over of… 9 times! No surprises here, knowing that there were 36 cars on a grid. For sure, it is impossible to see them all crossing the finish line. There had to be sacrifices. Finally, after all the drama on the track, the first place was taken by young Latvian racer Valters Zviedris, keeping last year champion Karolis Jovaiša breathing to his back. The third place was taken by Romet Reisin. It is already obvious that the season is going to be really tense.

“BTC1” classification had a last year winner Laurynas Simonavičius trying to keep on the victories lane. The 2nd place in this class was taken by Can Alakoc, and the 3rd – by Erko Puusaag. “BTC2” class was victorious to Simo Lind, keeping Andrius Keblys behind in the 2nd place and Atis Veismanis in the 3rd place. “BTC3“ classification was overruled by Lithuanian racers, keeping last year leader, Mr. Uncatchable Aurimas Mištautas in the 1st place, Robertas Zauka in the 2nd and Izidorius Paukštys in the 3rd place.

As for BEC 6H series, even though the grid wasn’t too long and some of the participants left the race right before the race, there were 9 teams willing to reach the victory. Actually, their wish to win was strong and so good to watch! However, some technical issues did not allow the teams to compete and enjoy only the time in the track. Estonian team “ALM Motorsport“ was forced to withdraw from the competition so early. Other two teams “Antėja Racing“ and “Tarzanija Racing“ kept their well known tradition to spend equal amount of time in the track and in the Pit lane, repairing their vehicles. The most attractive fight was between “Porsche Baltic GT3” and “ES Motorsport“ teams. The gap at the end of the race between them – only one lap. However, after intense fight, the 1st place in the class and overall was taken by “Porsche Baltic GT3“ with Andrius Šlimas, Paulius Žadeika and Nerijus Dagilis behind the wheel. 2nd place was firmly taken by “ES Motorsport“ team with Ignas Jomantas, Audrius Stasiulevičius, Ramūnas Čapkauskas and Julius Adomavičius behind the wheel. The 3rd place in Overall and the 1st in TCR class was taken by Finish team “Black Rose Racing“.
In “TC2” classification, victory was taken by “ORLEN Lietuva-Mažeikių ASK“ team, in “GT AM“ class – by “Porsche Baltic GT4“. “Antėja Racing Team“ was satisfied with their victory in “Diesel” class and “Tarzanija Racing“ was happy with the 1st place in “A3000+“.

Complicated Sunday

The battles moved on to Sunday. However, for some participants it was more complicated Sunday than expected and they did not manage to reach the starting grid. Among them – Mantas Matukaitis, who managed to damage hid brand new Lamborghini during the practice sessions. The grand start will be kept for the next race. So, the victory in “BGT PRO“ class was taken by Thomas Kangro with Porsche GT3 Cup 992, having Raivo Tamm and his Porsche in the 2nd place, as the 3rd was taken by Jyrki Peltola with Chevrolet Corvette. Quite unsuccessful debut was for Ignas Jomantas, as he did not go to Park Ferme after qualifying having his results annulled afterwards. He did not start in the race 2.

In “TCR“ class, victory was taken by Ivars Vallers, and Jyrki Jonkkari was happy with a 1st place in “BTC4” group.

Not so much of racers have gathered for Formula Historic races, too. The 1st place here was taken by Indulis Rukuts, keeping Ekke-Taavi Sepper in the 2nd place and Ain Lahker on the 3rd step of the podium.

The pin of the Sunday, of course – Nankang Endurance Academy two hours race. Totally otherwise from BEC6H, the grid was much longer, having even 29 teams competing for victory! As always during this race – so much battles, contact, spins, pushing and some personal mistakes making the fight for the victory even more interesting, changing the scenario of the race. Unexpectedly, the victory was taken by a Lithuanian team “222 by Autopark“ (“BTC4” class), having Estonian team “Joujaam“ behind. The 3rd place was taken by “Jurmala/Papa’s sacīkšu“ team, at the same time firmly taking the 1st place in “BMW 325 Cup” class. “EST 1 Racing“ team took the 2nd place and the 3rd belonged to “Krauman Motors“. In “BTC2” group, the highest step of the podium was taken by “Lind Racing“ team, and the 2nd place won by “HOBU Racing“, keeping Lithuanians “AUTOKASLITA“ on the 3rd step.
“BTC3” class was more successful to Lithuanians and the 1st place was taken by “LatožaRacing“ team, having “Diesel Power“ behind them and Estonians “RS Racing Team“ in the 3rd place.

In “V1600” class – “Degviela Motorsport II“ team’s triumph, as well as “LDV Racing Team“ celebrating the victory in “ABC Race” group.

Wooosh……that was quite a hot weekend! Now we can look forward to the second round of the battles happening in a month time in Finland. There is really what to look for!

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