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BMW 325 Cup – historical number of participants and breath-taking battles

Oh, that historically long grid of BMWs and tension in the air! Already before the start it was quite clear, that there will be so many battles and take overs and spins as well as racing incidents and push outs. However, no one knew how much.
43 cars on the grid and Karolis Jovaiša is the one starting from the pole position. Then we had a really strong and fast girl Carmen Kraav breathing right at his back and well-known racer Ramūnas Čapkauskas trying to catch them both. Of course, the beginning of the race was not smooth at all. One turn and even four racers were involved in a racing incident, later on trying to get back the lost positions. Lucky ones were happy to win out of the situation, taking over the incident ‘donut’.
Finally, some penalties were issued for misbehave in a track, others were penalized for pushes and other tiny incidents valued as sportive incidents.
The calmest ride was for Karolis Jovaiša, who kept leading all the time. He just ran away from all the drama on the track and kept safe distance up until the finish line was crossed. However, after second race he was warned for beginning to drive to formation lap before signal (green flag) was given. As it was warning only, the result was not affected.
Martins Lapins took the 2nd place during the 1st run, as the 3rd place was taken by Krisjanis Oskerko.
After all the battles and technical issues, for the 2nd run we had 41 car, all of them listed according to their best time shown during the 1st race. Of course, we had Karolis Jovaiša at the top of the grid, Ramūnas Čapkauskas took the 2nd position and Martins Lapinš has started from the 3rd place.
Second ride was filled with contact moments and sportive accidents. Moreover, some decisions of the racers were affected by adrenaline enforcing penalties, just like Andrius Čilvinas: he was penalized for false start (20 seconds penalty). Scrutineers had a lot of work, for sure, as track was covered with BMWs’ parts. Eventually, after the 2nd race all the cars were checked by these guys and, unlucky for Zigmars Lapa, his results were annulled as the car did not comply with technical regulations.
After all investigations have been analysed and racers informed, points gathered have been accumulated. Even 6 cars did not reach the finish and did not receive the really important points for season classification.
Karolis Jovaiša kept the 1st place to himself in both, 2nd run and overall of the race, second place was taken by Martins Lapinš, as for the 3rd place – won by the only girl of this race, Carmen Kraav, having Krisjanis Oskerko right behind her.
Finally, as both races were evaluated and all the points calculated, the 3rd place was assigned to Krisjanis Oskerko, and Martins Lapinš took the 2nd place. Karolis Jovaiša took the 1st place, knowing he got the biggest amount of points in the season classification. Actually, looking at all points gathered and seasonal classification, it is obvious that all the order is changing. Final events of the season are going to be critical!

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