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Info for racers

Dear Racers,

First of all we want to thank you all for the great interest, questions and registration – we are a lot already and the event will be a lot of fun!
See a bit revised timetable attached, minor changes for BMW 325 CUP and some minor changes as the races will be broadcasted live.
There is a possibility for additional tests on Thursday, from 18 to 20.00. 100 EUR cost, registration in email. Will be possible to register for the race and then take a Covid test. See below the procedure.
To make your life easier planing arriving and when arriving to Riga here are a couple of bullet points:
  • For our neighbors – when arriving in Latvia every team member must have: a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours when entering. The test is still needed if you are vaccinated or have antibodies.
  • Before crossing the border you need to fill the, you can do that early in the morning or in previous evening;
  • Sporting checks will be at the main gates. For that please prepare all necessary documentation beforehand. You will need to have filled affirmation by every team member, see it attached in English and Latvian, show a negative test and then during sporting checks you will have to take saliva tests(20 eur / person). Then the Covid test samples will be traded to passes to the paddock and you are good to go to the designated place in the paddock. It’s very important to follow the times of Sporting Checks to make the tests!
  • Paddock(scheme attached) into several blocks, every block must not have more than 30 people together. We have made blocks by system – nation/class. When arriving at the paddock you will have a specific place to build your tent. BEC 6h teams: important to send your tent dimensions.
  • Important to follow the basic Covid-19 restrictions – wear a mask, 2 m distance, no crowding and no experience exchange between the designated blocks.
  • NeA and BaTCC racers can buy additional paddock passes for 10 eur price, but the total amount per participant cant exceed 10 people. Default amount is 8 for NeA team and 4 for BaTCC sprint participants(incl. driver)
If you have any questions we will be glad to answer.
BaTCC Team

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