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DeWALT Grand Prix

Motorsports festival with an attempt to break Bikernieki track record!

One of the biggest races of the 2024 Baltic calendar - the annual DeWALT Grand Prix will take place on June 15th in the legendary and notorious Bikernieki race track. The Estonian pilot Tonis Vanaselja will attempt to set a new track record, now held by Haralds Slegelmilhs. Take a notice that the Kalana supercar has the Judd V8 engine that will make the heart beat faster for every motorsports fan.

The race will itself will have around 120 participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland and France. A lot to see for the fans - the BMW 325 CUP with massive field of racers. The GT class with unique and exclusive fast race cars like Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 EVO, Porsche GT3 CUP, Chevrolet Corvette C6, Audi TT-RS, BMW M4, Porsche Cayman GT4. Aswell as classes like Baltic Touring Cars, ABC Race, V1600 and special guests for Historical racing - Formula Historic! Everything that makes your heart beat faster!

Time Class Session Distance
10:30 ABC RACE + V1600 Race 1 10 laps
11:05 BTC1 / BTC2 / BTC3 Race 1 10 laps
11:40 BTC4 / GT AM / GT PRO / Porsche GT3 CUP Race 1 14 laps
12:20 BMW 325 CUP Race 1 14 laps
13:00 FORMULA HISTORIC Race 1 10 laps
13:30 Lunch break
13:30 Record attempt 1
14:20 Record attempt 2
14:40 ABC RACE + V1600 Race 2 10 laps
15:15 BTC1 / BTC2 / BTC3 Race 2 10 laps
15:50 BTC4 / GT AM / GT PRO / Porsche GT3 CUP Race 2 14 laps
16:30 BMW 325 CUP Race 2 14 laps
17:10 FORMULA HISTORIC Race 2 10 laps
18:00 NANKANG 2H ENDURANCE Race 2 hours
20:30 Awards ceremony


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