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BaTCC going to Poland!

Historically for the first time in the Baltic Touring car championship history, the series will go to Poland in 2024 for an event in “Tor Poznan” racetrack! But that’s not all – after a few years break the Polish series will come to BaTCC event in Parnu, on August 16-18!


“In our Baltic region, we are blessed with 3 racing tracks which is quite good for the size of our territory, but we know the teams and racers need some new emotions and experiences on new tracks, like we did it in 2019 and 2022 when we went to the spectacular Botniaring in Finland. For various reasons it did not happen in 2023, but for 2024 we renew our cooperation with Poland series “WSMP.PL”, which results in one BaTCC event in Poland on September 20-22 and one event in Parnu,” says Andis Meilands, BaTCC promoter.


The work on next season’s calendar starts right at the start of current season. We evaluated some options for a race in Finland (for this option we are always open) but an opportunity arose when multiple Polish champion Karol Wyka started racing in the BMW 325 CUP. With his help, we came to WSMP competition to discuss the option for cooperation of both series in 2024. It was a pleasant and fruitful meeting with Mr Bartosz Bielinski as we quickly agreed on terms to provide something new for our participants for 2024 season!


We understand that it’s a long trip for our Estonian and especially Finnish competitors, but we believe that it will be a great new experience to race in the Tor Poznan circuit, that was born with a plan to host F1 races in late 1970s. The track combines high speed straights with flowing set of corners to twisty and tricky hairpins. And why not to unite racing with some tourism in Southern Poland? A modern highway starts right from Lithuanian border and goes directly to Poznan, ensuring smooth and fast traveling.


For new victories in 2024!

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