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2020 season news!

Some updates for the current season by our classes and championships:


2020 season will consist of two events – 14-16 August in auto24ring and 9-11 October in Riga. Meaning that the series winners will be Cup winner, not championship winners. Also, the concept doesnt change – its a 6 hour race, with tests, free practice and Qualifying sessions on Friday and a warmup and six hour race on Saturday. Season registration is open already. Please apply when possible. Parnu event registration will be open at the beginning of July.

Technical rules BEC 6H

Sporting rules are here



2020 will be a good year for sprint classes.

We have unified rules for classes according to their performance. So a bit different calendar for them:

BGT PRO, BGT AM, BTC4 will have 3 races: July 26 in Riga, Parnu event and Riga in October.

BTC1/2/3 classes and BMW 325 CUP will have 4 races. Also, 27th June in Kaunas.

Formula Historic will have 2 or 3 events, mid July Riga, Parnu 14-16 August and Poznan 25-27 September.

Season registration is open already. Registration for Kaunas GP is open already.

Sporting rules

Technical Rules BTC

Technical Rules BMW 325 CUP


Nankang Endurance Academy.

For the first time a full season with respective season winners in each class.

Four events – Kaunas GP, Riga July 26, Parnu Summer Race and Riga October 9-11th. Usually the NeA race is planned on Sunday evening after the sprint races, so anyone who wants from BTC or BMW 325 classes can join in. Technical rules are the same.

Five classes – BTC2, BTC3, BTC4, BMW 325 CUP and BMW Masters(former BMW Xtreme cars).

Sporting rules

Technical rules for BMW Masters

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