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Lithuania delegates 5 athletes to represent the country at inaugural FIA Motorsport Games

This year and first weekend of November is really important for automobile sport world-wide. Last year starting with GT Nations Cup, International automobile sport federation FIA has presented first time happening games that might be compared with Olympic games for car lovers. This year presented inaugural “FIA Motorsport Games” will cover 6 different disciplines: GT Cup, Formula 4 Cup, Karting Slalom Cup, Touring Car Cup, Drifting Cup and Digital Cup. You might be sure that there are going to be some well known names and BaTCC as well as BEC series participants among all of them.

For example, Lithuanian ASN – LASF (Lithuanian automobile sport federation) has officially presented the Team-Lithuania delegation that consists of five athletes that are going to participate at inaugural FIA Motorsport Games. Lithuanians are going to fight for a victory among other entrants of Touring Car Cup, Drifting Cup, Karting Slalom Cup and Digital Cup.

As LASF President Saulius Girdauskas told, „It is great pleasure to have such a young generation of athletes holding desire and possibilities to represent the country among other great entrants from all over the world. I am glad to be here during this historical moment, when we are going to take part in this impressive event. Another part of enjoyment comes knowing that we are not only able to delegate someone, but that we have quite a list of great athletes we can choose from. Automobile sport is strong today, we have young and powerful generation having ability to represent the country abroad.”


Julius Adomavičius in Touring Car Cup

Another young driver is known as champion of this year in BEC series, as well as recognized by TCR car lovers. Being only 18 years old – Julius Adomavičius – celebrates second year in racing, two years – two victorious seasons and that much of experience, that some older athletes might be jealous of. Being better known as champion in tennis, J.Adomavičius was always interested in car racing and the same moment when opportunity occurred, he just jumped straight into it and now he is participating in both, TCR endurance and TCR sprint series. He is vice champion of TCR Baltic series this year. Always smiling young athlete loves to say, that “straight road is for fast cars as a twisty one– for good drivers”.

Kajus Šikšnelis and Skaistė Petrauskaitė – Karting Slalom Cup

The youngest representatives, of course, will be participating in Karting Slalom Cup. Here Lithuania is going to be represented by 14 years old athlete Kajus Šikšnelis and 15 years old Skaistė Petrauskaitė. As it is told, age does not mean a thing, as K.Šikšnelis name is already written in the pages of Lithuanian karting history: at the beginning of September, this young man took the third place in „OK-Junior“ at FIA World karting championship held in Finland. Also, Kajus is FIA Karting Academy champion in 2019. As these two young athletes joke, it is more fun and accurate to learn physics by driving karting.

Digital Cup master – Martynas Sidunovas.

There are few different aspects of ‘digital motorsport’ in Lithuania: it is more legit than you might think. Officially, simulators are considered as one of official and legit pathways for those, who are interested in having racing licence. Due to simulators and ‘sim academy’ as well as virtual racing series, Martynas Sidunovas made his dream to come truth, by winning the Lithuanian virtual racing championship series back in 2017, later on, going to real racing tracks. That is not all: M. Sidunovas is considered to be one of the strongest racers in Europe, if we talk digital racing world.

Benediktas Čirba as Lithuanian drifter in Drifting Cup

Last but not the least, Benediktas Čirba is going make some smoke for Team Lithuania in Drifting Cup. He is not a newbie in this sport, being champion for two years in a row in Lithuanian Drift championiship PRO class. What is more, he is a vice champion in Baltic States drift championship and Benediktas holds on to the eight place in overall standings in 2019 Drift Masters European Championship. He knows his BMW better than anyone else and the way this tandem competes during the competition might freeze the blood in the body. He really understands the importance of knowing both, the technique he is competing with and the technique of drifting itself.

All the athletes have great aim and are ready for Rome, FIA Motorsport games, great competition and lots of experience.

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