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There is so much happening in one racing weekend. Racing contains much more than signs of start and finish, competition and fighting for victories. There is a whole wolrd called “behind the scenes” where cars are repaired, team managers analyze, drivers prepare as well as the whole team find their way to entertain. While the main races are waiting ahead, real racing life is happening. We are going to introduce you with the behind the scenes stories or the real life of racing world that is not filmed or pictured.

Let’s start with one of the biggest team coming for Baltic series, both, endurance NEZ 6H as well as BaTCC races: “GSR Motorsport”. To “Riga Summer Race” there are going to be at least 24 team members. Each crew member has its functions and tasks he (or she) has to perform. There are racers, mechanics and engineers, media crew and team managers. This time we are going to focus on one of them – “GSR Motorsport” and “#SpeedSisters LT” project team manager Martynas Drulia.

He is not only the manager – he is the guy taking care that everyone would have their stomachs filled with amazing freshly made FOOD! And actually, it even does not matter either it is Palanga, Riga, Finish Botniaring track or Estonia: he is always making sure that each crew member would be satisfied.

Few fun facts about the team manager – kitchen chief Martynas:

  1. No Sandwiches. You can always do better. Try at least track-made burgers.
  2. What is the point to travel without trying local goodies? What do you mean you are not leaving track anyways? Great local, even traditional food can reach you even if you are working. In a track. Non-stop.
  3. Everyone can make barbeque. But try grill roasted salmon with shrimps’ sauce. There is nothing impossible.
  4. If chief Martynas made is spicy, it is not because he does not like you. It is totally different story – he only wishes best to you.
  5. He is not being kitchen chief for living. He is being kitchen chief for friends and racing.
  6. He has always at least three plans when he is going to shop locally. You never know what they might not have.
  7. Well, yes. When you are Lithuanian and travel to Estonia and Latvia for racing events like five years, it is difficult to surprise anyone with traditions. However, he is always ready to import some great ideas from Mexico.
  8. There is a rumor, that part of the team come to racing events just because of Martynas made food..
  9. Honesty and real opinion about the food is more valued than insincere ‘thank you’.
  10. Finally, it is not a fact. It is a rhetoric question. Do you remember the number of people that team consists of? And once again, Martynas goal is always to satisfy all the members of crew… Nice, isn’t it?

So, that’s a tiny part of circuit world you do not have ability to see. Each crew has their own secret of happiness and, we guess, secret way of creating the racing vibes everyone can enjoy. We are looking forward to other travels behind the scenes of racing world!


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