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“Three out of three“ laughed “Circle K milesPlus“ team manager Haris Aleksandravičius when he was asked to evaluate this year racing season. After two rounds of NEZ 6H championship this team is still strongly holding on of the first position in both, overall standings and in it’s class. What’s more, this team has shown their strength winning 1006 km race in Palanga a bit more than a week ago, making the ‘three out of three’ and 100% winning score this season.

There are still two weeks until the 3rd event of North European Zone 6 hours championship that is going to happen during “Riga Summer Race”. At this point, team is really satisfied with the result but still a bit afraid to ‘talk to early’.

“Flash racing”and their Lamborghini named as the main competitor
“Having this kind of great composition of a team along with great level of preparation, our goal is always to win. The same idea we had for race in Palanga as we hold the same goal for NEZ 6H series. However, we don’t want to talk and to celebrate to early, but up until this moment our plan is fulfilled in all 110 percent “- team manager H. Aleksandravičius smiled. “We really hope to show the best results during Riga Summer Race. However, it is obvious, that having this kind of incredible racing technique among other participants, it is not going to be easy challenge. Nevertheless, the main competitor I see is Lamborghini Huracan controlled by “Flash Racing Team” and Latvian guys. It is faster and more powerful car, for sure. I can bet we are going to have amazing fight up until the finish.“

While naming the main competitors, team racer Jonas Karklys was ready to agree with the team manager: “Actually, if Latvians brothers will race without making mistakes, it definitely will be difficult for us to reach the victory. Their car is well balanced and prepared, really powerful and stable, especially in this kond of tracks as we had race in Finland as well as the track in Riga. Their Lamborghini has all the technical assisting systems and various control abilities. So, for sure, these guys are our main competitors. However, if we will make any mistake or if we will have any technical issues, in this case scenario, any team participating can become our main competitor,“ as racer Jonas Karklys was explaining.

Team set-up
There are three racers in this team fighting for victory: already mentioned racer Jonas Karklys, Jonas Gelžinis and the youngest racer Julius Adomavičius. J.Karklys and J. Adomavičius have a double racing season this year, next to endurance series with “Circle K milesPlus racing team” competing in sprint -type series. Additionally, J.Karklys participate in Central Europe “Renault Clio Cup” championship. Here he is the only one Lithuanian sportsman fighting for victories. It is worth mentioning that these races require quite more or aggressiveness and sharpness comparing to endurance format competition. Another sprint-type competition of “TCR Baltic” is participated by J. Adomavičius. Both of them are still fighting for victories in those series, as well.

J.Adomavičius: “Misfortunes in racing help me to concentrate even more“
Interviewed just after race in Palanga, Julius did not hide great emotions and enthusiasm for the rest of the season:
“Feelings and mood are only the best, haven’t feel any kind of tiredness after the race and was ready to race in Sunday once again, if only there where competition. I am really happy for all my team and each individual separately for all effort they showed. I guess, if we win we deserve the victory. I think I can say that was The Win of my career so far, so for sure, how the feeling can be otherwise than amazing? “ – racer told.

“Season is impressively good and we are leading in endurance series so far, what else we could want at this point? However, in “TCR“ sprint competition I had few unsuccessful and really not fun, even sad and provoking moments. Nevertheless, it does not change the great feeling I have and, actually, it helps to concentrate even more on things I do along with motivation to move further.

“I wouldn’t be able to say anything bad about the team itself. It is amazing. I would even dear to say that it is one of most experienced teams in Lithuania. Preparation before each race is really grooming, each individual really knows what he is doing. I guess, that really is our key to success. Of course, we still have couple of competitions left but I am sure that we are going to be well prepared once again and that we will be able to reach the podium. I am sincerely thankful to Andrius, Jonas and Ignas Gelžiniai for the opportunity to be a part of this team. Also, I am really thankful that they took me in as I am really young, not really mature and quite stupid yet.“ – laughed the youngest racer of the team that turned 18 only a little while ago.
Jonas Karklys: „Everything is still ahead. “

“It is not much of a secret that I have double racing programme this year. I take part in Renault Clio Cup European Championship during this racing season, too. Here I participate in a solo performance, competing in a sprint type racing series. I am really happy competing here, as it is really fun to fight for the victories against really strong competitors racing same type cars, going all around well-known racing circuit tracks just like F1 level SPA or Red Bull ring. Therefore, lots of work and effort are required willing to show great results: you may have good pace, therefore, you still have to remember that good result combines of small things like qualifying, too. Differently from endurance races, you have to be amazing during qualifying if you want to fight with best drivers since the first second of the race. I had three races yet, one of them was better, others – not so good. However, after month and a half pause there are going to be another 4 events. Two of them in Germany, than Belgium and Czech Republic. So, basically everything is still ahead.

Of course, the other half of my racing season is spent here in Baltics endurance competitions with brothers Gelžiniai, racer Julius Adomavičius and Porsche. It is as well fun to compete with totally different car in the totally different race conceptually. I have to adapt really quickly from conditionally slow car to really fast beast; I really have to remind myself that engine is behind my back, that this car has super-good brakes, that I have to drive in different trajectories. This part might be considered as more difficult one. However, working with Jonas Gelžinis as well as will professional team of mechanics and engineers – that is really great experience and lots of possibilities to learn new technological stuff as well as to making driving skills better. Team works really well: maybe it wasn’t planned to have three victories of three competitions, but that’s the best team could expect for. “ – Jonas Karklys was complimenting his team.

Professionals about Bikernieki track: it charms and frightens at the same time
As Jonas Karklys has tried quite a list of different racing circuits, he was still complimenting Bikernieki track, where, of course, the next event will be held at.

“Actually, I personally really like this track. It is so… charming and old-school at the same time. It consists of various corners and turns: traditional circuit track type and really specific ones that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. At the same time, it is not so safe and making a mistake may result really painful outcome. I guess it also brings uniqueness to your driving style. To be able to push the car you drive to the maximum in this track means not only great preparation but using risk card in a game, too. But that is also what I like about it. “

His youngest team racer Julius totally agreed:
“Bikernieki is indeed great sports complex and circuit track itself is quite technical, fast enough and requiring lots of effort. However, I think all tracks of the world have their soft spots. At this point, I would call it lack of area for drivers to slip out of the track. It makes more chances to brake the car or to injure. However, I am too modest to say anything else bad. I actually like it a lot.“

For those, who did not take time yet to check the schedule of Riga Summer Race, we can tell that this team will start their competition Saturday morning at 08.50, fighting along other NEZ6H teams for the best time in qualifying. Later on, the official start time of the competition is at 15.00.

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