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WSC Ltd, the company that rules TCR, and LTD Venta Event announced the signing of a cooperation agreement for the North European Zone and the Baltic states. The three-year deal grants LTD Venta Event – the organizers of the North European Zone 6-hour Endurance Championship (NEZ6H) and the Baltic Touring Car Championship (BaTCC) – the rights to include a TCR class as part of both championships.

“We are pleased to add the North European Zone and the Baltic States to the ever-growing map of the TCR world. The success of the BaTCC and NEZ6H season opening event at Bikernieki proved that there is a strong contingent of TCR cars in the region, which makes us very optimist while looking at the future expansion of both series.” commented WSC president Marcello Lotti.

“It is a great pleasure that our efforts to develop motorsport in our region have succeeded. It seems that all the stars have finally come together correctly. First of all, we have a category for touring cars that is exciting, enjoyable, popular and affordable. Secondly, in a relatively short period of time, it has been recognized and engaged by participants in our region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland) and finally, the organizer Venta Event has created a suitable platform for TCR car owners and competitors, providing the opportunity to race in full-fledged Baltic and NEZ Championships. The representatives of the National Sporting Authorities have approved the creation of a TCR category in the region as the most strategically important turnaround in the future,” said the representative of NEZ Racing Commission and Chairman of Latvian Automobile Federation’s Circuit Racing Commission Jānis Ducmanis.

TCR season in Baltics was opened in mid-May with “DEWALT Grand Prix” event in Riga, Latvia. Another event “Botniaring Grand Prix” last weekend took place in Finland. Both events gathered seven to nine TCR competitors in both sprint and endurance classes from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland showing a big potential for the development of the category in the near future.

The next event of TCR sprint series takes place at the auto24ring, in Estonia, on June 29/30 and the next endurance race event will take place on August 17-18 during “Riga Summer Race” event in Bikernieki racetrack, Latvia.

About TCR
TCR is arguably the most successful motorsport category in recent years. Launched in 2015 via the TCR International Series and TCR Asia Series, it completely reshaped Touring Car competition globally.

TCR is based on two/three volume, hatchback or saloon standard models powered by a two-litre turbocharged gasoline engine. Some modifications are allowed to the chassis and engine, while a front splitter, rear wing and wider fenders give the cars a real racing look.
Maximum engine output is limited to 350bhp and competition on track is made equal by a thorough combination of Balance of Performance and Compensation Weight systems.

Since its inception, WSC Ltd – the owner of the TCR brand and technical regulations – has licensed the category to more than thirty championships and series all over the world, including the FIA WTCR – World Touring Car Cup.

Thirteen brands of car manufacturers are represented in the category; so far, more than 800 TCR cars have been built and are currently racing in both sprint and endurance races around the globe.
The cost-cap for a new car has been fixed to €135,000 that, together with modest running costs, make TCR competition affordable for customer teams.

2019 NEZ6H and BaTCC calendar:
Round 1 – “DeWALT Grand Prix”, – May 10-12, Riga
Round 2 – “Botniaring Grand Prix” – June 15 – 16, Finland
Round 3 – “Estonian Grand Prix” – June 28-30, Pärnu (TCR sprint category only)
Round 4 – “Riga Summer Race” – August 16-18, Riga
Round 5 – September 20-22, Pärnu


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