From April 29th to May 1st North European Zone (NEZ) and Baltic Touring Car Championship season opening round „DEWALT Grand Prix” will take place in Bikernieki racetrack. Livestream from racertack will be able to watch on mobile app LMT Straume and, as well as LMT Home television and for the first time on TV channel Sportacentrs TV.

First two days – April 29th and 30th – will be on livestream when on racetrack will go NEZ, Baltic, Latvian and Lithuanian Championship participants.

New season and grand opening live will be on April 29th at 10:00am. An hour later, at 11:00am first race for NEZ Championship participants with „Legend Car” cars. At 11:35am first race will hold „BMW Xtreme” class racers. Later spectators will see this season’s new ones „Porsche GT3 CUP” sports cars and after them „V1600” class members. At 13:35pm in their second race will go „Legend Car” and then another great new class for all fans, when on racetrack at 14:20pm will go „V8 Thundercar” participants. Five minutes after 15:00pm in second race will go „BMW Xtreme” class and at the end of the first day at 16:00pm to 20:00pm Bikernieki racetrack will take Baltic 4H Endurance Championship teams.

Second day, April 30th at 12:00am, will open powerful „Baltic Touring Car” class, after them Latvian Championship „Kumho Tyre Challenge” participants. Their second race at 13:20pm will start „Porsche GT3 CUP” vehicles and an hour later „V8 Thundercar” class members. At 15:10pm racetrack will take „V1600” cars, then „Legend Car” class and at 16:30pm third race for „BMW Xtreme”. At 17:35pm on racetrack will go „Baltic Touring Car” class and second race day will close „Kumho Tyre Challenge” both class participants.

At livestream studio wll be able to see competitors and guests to share first impressions and emotions throughout the day.

Tickets for NEZ and Baltic Touring Car Championship „DEWALT Grand Prix” can buy Ticket price for all three race days 15 EUR. At the event day will be able to buy one-day tickets in spectator stands, price 7 EUR. Free entrance for children under 12, people with disabilities and seniors.

Biggest racing event present title sponsor „DEWALT”, sponsors „Kumho Tyre” and Porsche centrs Rīga. Informative support news portal „Delfi”, radio „Star FM”, magazine „Klubs” and „Latauto”, livestream provides „LMT Straume”, support „Stena Line”, „Mangaļi” and energy drink „HELL”.

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