There are only of couple weeks left until BaTCC season will start in “auto24ring“ track in Estonia. However, the excitement is felt in garages of the racer’s and team’s. List of participants is getting longer each day promising not only interesting competition for racers but also quite incredible moments and battles in the racing track for spectators. Even more, the list of participants is not only getting longer but more various. During the winter, participants have prepared interesting surprises for their competitors, motor sports lovers and spectators.

Last season BTC and BEC 4 h series were the most popular between Lithuanian racers and teams. However, this year seems to be quite different: a lot of new teams from different countries are joining endurance championship as well as new participants are planning to start in BTC series. It does not mean that Lithuanian teams’ number is diminishing: actually, quite opposite. New names and titles are seen in the registered participants list between of those who are well-known already. However, old-timers of championship are bringing quite impressive equipment this season.

Great news for spectators: even more attractive cars

It would be quite a challenge to find a human being (even not exactly lover of the motor sports in Lithuania or Baltic Countries) that would not know the 1000 km race taking place in Lithuania, Palanga resort. One of the favourite cars during all 16 years of this racing event was the Aquila CR1 that was presented in season 2012. As a nice surprise, this car is going to show up in BEC 4 h series this year. Equipped with engine of BMW e65, this exclusively looking car has already quite a crowd of its own fans. “Algirdai by Speed Styling“ team presents this car in Baltic championship together with well-known team. It is planned that we are going to see Ramūnas Čapkauskas behind its’ wheel during the first stage in Estonia. This well-known racer should be accompanied by his team member and friend Deividas Jocius as well as by Andrius Jasionauskas, who was a champion of BTC2 class in BTC series last year. According to team, car design is freshly renewed, team is strong and ready. If everything will be going smoothly and according to plan – it is going to be quite pleasant surprise for the spectators.

However, it is not one and only surprise for motor sport lovers and competitors of the championship. BEC 4H series absolute winners of 2015 season “Rotoma Racing” team (as well as in class A3000+) is preparing new car for the first stage, too. If everything will be smooth, this team will take part in a more powerful cars class – GT. At this point, team is more into keeping secrets and working on their new project – the major works are afloat right now.

What is more, BTC – short distance race lovers should not be disappointed. New racers are joining this series as well as long-timers are coming back and expanding championships: just like Lithuanian Federation Circuit Racing Chairman Rimvydas Agurkis, mostly known for his “Alfa Romeo” team in BECH championship. This season he is going to start in BTC series as well.

These are only few news for the coming season. Registrtion for the opening stage is opened shortly and it already seems that it is going to be hot event in Parnu!

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